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Both in research and teaching, German as a Foreign Language of LMU focuses on the question of how German language, literature and culture from an outsider’s perspective can be imparted and explained. Students from Germany and abroad obtain academic and simultaneously work-relevant qualification for a wide range of career fields related to the teaching of language, literature and culture as well as intercultural mediation in general.

In analyses of the academic content offered at the Institute, such as research on multilingualism and language contact, the teaching and learning of language, German as an academic/scientific language, new media and education, intercultural philology as well as literature and migration, topics with a special relevance to the current global developments are scrutinized and developed.

Through their studies, the graduates will gain essential and versatile qualifications, including but not limited to the following areas of employment:

  • teaching of language, literature and culture (DAAD editors, Goethe Institute, Robert Bosch Foundation, German as a foreign language, international German schools, DaZ etc.);
  • intercultural management and mediation in publishing houses, media and political organizations and in journalism;
  • scientific organization and management in international institutions;
  • other areas where intercultural communication and cross-border understanding are important.