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Text Competence in Czech Students of German as a Foreign Language (DaF)

Project Lead:
Prof. Dr. Claudia Maria Riehl
Dietmar Heinrich (Universität Pilsen)

Project Phase: 2009-2010

In this writing project, argumentative texts were gathered from Czech students in their first to fourth year of DaF. To provide comparison, a group of students from Cologne was used as a control. The texts were analyzed in terms of macrostructure and communicative attitude and from this, intercultural differences were derived.
The goal of the project is the development of guidelines to improve the text competence of DaF students by raising awareness of cultural differences.

Heinrich, Dietmar/Riehl, Claudia Maria (2011): Kommunikative Grundhaltung: Ein interkulturelles Paradigma in geschriebenen Texten. In: Interkulturelle Linguistik im Aufbruch, hg. von Csaba Földes. Tübingen: Narr.